Seminar and Half Day Work | part 1

Hello, in this post I will tell you about my story attending seminar on workday. Yes! on workday, do you believe it? So why I take a half day work and decide to attend the seminar? This happen because I read my friend’s twit named Mufida, on wednesday evening when I was relax from my work at office :

For a long time on college or work but still feel upset and bored? Confused what to do? Make sure you attend at the event CAREER MANAGEMENT SEMINAR with AKMAD GUNTAR (Q-successful trainer, Titian talent) and HERU SS (GM PJB GRESIK) Thursday 28th February 2013 in the PJB hall, 08:00 to 12:00. xontact person : 085 731 773 533. Register now for FREE! Get the test fingerprint analysis and the book for the 30 participants who attended the first offering of the Purse Dhuafa, Power Jawa Bali (PJB) and Titian Talent

And the story began, I must attend this seminar!

chapter 1 | ask permission to my boss

It’s not an easy to ask my boss, not come to my office for one day. My boss is young man from Japan, his name is Masato-san. But all my friends at office call him “Cak To” if we talk each other (of course we are not call him directly “Cak To”) in english means “brother To”.



instead of lie. I tell him the reason why I want to ask permission not work on Thursday, because the event will be held until 12:00 o’clock, and my estimation the event will be late and so on the finish time. Masato-san said to me “so maybe you can back around 14:00? anyway it’s first time someone who want to attend to seminar.”. And then he said “so please give me a time to negosiate with my boss”. and the last he said “fikar san, you can go, but my boss said that if it’s not effective for company we can not allow it, so could you give me a report after finish it?”

Aha! I got the permission to attend the seminar. Next step is I ask my friends who want to join me or not. After talk into three friends, Ahmad Rifai willing to accompany me.

ahmad rifai

ahmad rifai

chapter 2 | a miles away to attend the seminar

The seminar held at PJB (Pembangkit Jawa Bali) gresik city, it’s about 30 kilometers far from my house. Me and Rifai departs at 07:00 because we want the book, as I mention earlier. Riding motorcycle is my ordinary activity, but today will be my long trip from my house ->gresik -> my house -> office -> my house . My house to gresik is about 30 km, vice versa. Next from my house to office is about 15 km, and vice versa. So the total distance of trip today about (30+30+15+15) is about 90 km 😐 .

this is not my motor. image source :

chapter 3 |finally arrive into location

Surpisingly the trip from my house to PJB gresik only take 45 minutes. So.. me and Rifai came at seminar place at PJB hall as first participant (it never happen when I came at office, I often late 😐 ) . At first, me and Rifai fill the attendance form and the receptionist give each of us a bag 🙂 . But where is the book?, when I ask the receptionist about the book ( I imagined got a book full of knowledge about carerr or self management), and the receptionist said the book is packed inside the bag. When I open up the bag I found a book, but just a notebook 😐 .

5 minutes later I meet Mufida, she came earlier than me. She describe a little about the seminar purpose, the reason she came is as a representative Dompet Dhuafa , a big organization which channeling charity donations in Indonesia. Dompet Dhuafa entered a collaboration to make “management career” seminar. And this is an initial collaboration of Dompet Dhuafa and PJB, so next time she hope PJB will be the donors for Dompet Dhuafa.

chapter 4 | fingerprint analysis

Fingerprint analysis is a part of the seminar, why someona has to take fingerprint analysis? Because every people have different fingerpint each other, and there is a method to analyze the fingerprint to know your talent and your potential. But it is not a judgement, it just help people to know the potential of yourself, so you can increase the ability of your talent/potential.

fingerprint analysis

mufida take fingerprint analysis

After officer from Titian Bakat taking our fingerprint analysis they will process, it took time about 3 – 4 weeks because they have so many client too. Once finish they will send the analysis result into your house.

raifai take fingerprint analysis

raifai take fingerprint analysis

*because I think this blog post will be long, so I decided to split into two part. Here is the next part

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