Seminar and Half Day Work | part 2

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chapter 5 | the seminar

And did you know, the seminar starts at 09:00. It means one hour late form the agenda. The total participant maybe around 100 people. The participant came from different background, college student, PJB employee, and maybe me and Rifai the only non-PJB employee ๐Ÿ˜€ .

There are 3 speakers in this seminar as follows :

  1. Mr. Heru as General manager of PT. PJB unit Gresik , he is the first speaker
  2. Ms. Mufida Mukhlisah as a person representative of Dompet Dhuafa.
  3. Mr. Akhmad Guntar from Titian Bakat , he is the second speaker
  4. Mr. I don’t know the name, just call them Mr. A , he is the “ice breaker” a person who has a role to entertain participant and to make the participant have the spirit back.

chapter 5.1 | Mr. Heru

mr. Heru is general manager of PT PJB Gresik. At first he introduced himself, and then he describes a lot of things :

  • What is PT PJB
  • The history of its establishment
  • The company’s activities
  • Production capacity
  • How the company sells electricity
  • Factory area
  • Coroporate Social Responsibilities
  • Company activities
  • etc.

And he introduce us new acronym is the main principle of PT. PJB in its activities. The acronym are G.R.E.S.I.K , as follows :

  • G : Green
  • R : Religius
  • E : Enthusiast
  • S : Safety
  • I : Innovation
  • K : Knowledge
Mr. Heru in front of class

Mr. Heru in front of class

Maybe 20 minutes later, he explain about the 5 key to gain successfull of life. It’s based on Al Qur’an a holy book for moslem people. The 5 keys as follows :

  1. successful awareness
  2. commitment to success
  3. increase successful
  4. maintain successful
  5. successful behavior

Above is the step by step to gain success. At first we have to aware about our potential, know our-self, know our natural talent, know the strengths and weakness of ourself. After we know the plus value of ourself we can go to next step, make a commitment. A commitment is actually depends on how big our efforts to defeat the ego within. For example you know you have a great talent on drawing, when you have commitment to create one picture everyday you have to defeat yourself from the feeling of laziness. After that you will know how to increaseย  succesfull and maintain it. But don’t forget to have the successful behaviour, because every people is different, and their potential can be seen from tehir behaviour when they against the problem, solve the problem.

chapter 5.2 | Mufida Mukhlisah

Mufida presented about Dompet Dhuafa company profile and another things as follows :

  • What’s Dompet Dhuafa
  • History of the company
  • Corporate activities
  • Program held by Dompet Dhuafa, for economy, education of poor people in Indonesia
  • How donations can be channeled
  • Corporate activities
Ms. Mufida in front of class

Ms. Mufida in front of class

chapter 5.3 | Mr. A the ice breaker

Mr.A know how to entertain people and make people happy. This is the ilustration when Mr.A in front of class. So exciting know people like him have a good public speaking skill and easy to interact with participant/audience. At first, he create a game to know each other participant. He instruct us to get other participant name and phone number as much as we can. It’s fun activity, and I have a great idea, I borrow the microphones from speaker and go to in front of the class and then introduce myself, my name, and my twitter account. But unfortunately no one care about me ๐Ÿ˜ .

let's make people happy. image from <a href="">creativeteamevents</a>

let’s make people happy. image from creativeteamevents

chapter 5.4 | Mr. Guntar

Mr Guntar is a main speaker, he is a lecturer at Master Degree in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. Actually he is graduate from Informatics engineering, same with me.

Mr. Guntar in front of class

Mr. Guntar in front of class

chapter 5.4.1 | Know your talent and potential

He describe a lot of about self management, the main point is to know yourself or to know your potential. He have a formula to gain future success, as follows :

talent and potential + investment = successful career

Talk about talent, mr. Guntar said that talent divide into two :

  1. Nature Talent : is like a great musician, can arrange a great music and people said the musician is genius.
  2. Nurture Talent : a talent that acquired after continous of practices.

To gain successful future, people can not rely on their natural talent. For example Mozart. He is the great classic musician, when he was six years old he can play two musical instrument fluently. But what of most people forgotten when Mozart six years old he practice more than 3400 hours with his father as an music teacher. And this is my conclusion

Besides having natural talent, someone need to practice their nurture talent to gain an accelerate of success

chapter 5.4.2 | Relation between love/passion, addded value, and money with your job.

Mr. Guntar explain the relation between love/passion, added value, and money in our work/job. He display a diagram, easier the audience to understand what he is saying. I just remember four diagrams, don’t know if any other diagram I forgot.

I create this diagram, so cute uh?

Explanation of diagrams above are :

  • #1 : you got a lot of added value, you love what you do, although finish something in your job is not easy but you love what you do. But the problem is you earn a few money. Hey, remember! When you grow old, you need to support your family, paying your children school fees, paying household bill, and etc.
  • #2 : you got a lot money from your current job, but it is bored, and actualy don’t love at all but you need the money. One thing to remember is money is important, but life is not all about money.
  • #3 : you got a lot of new knowledge from your current job, you love it, and you get paid standard, not too high. It’s a good place to learn something new, build a relation or networking, learn the management, etc. But when you have a new challenge and you think it can balance your love-added value-money diagram, let’s move on.
  • #4 : congratulations, you have a dream job, you learn a lot of new knowledge, you love your job, and surpsingly you earn a lot of money. This is what every people dream of. So, know your potential and then make investment on it to upgrade yourself!

chapter 5.4.3 | Which one should I choose first?

So which one should I choose first? Mr. Guntar said :

At first, do what you love, because if you are master at something that not all people doesn’t have a skill like you, you will be paid high. Remember if you believe, someday money will follow you.

chapter 6 | what Iโ€™ve got?

About 3 hours attending the seminar what I got?

  • a lot of knowledge about self potential
  • inspiration
  • fingerprint analysis
  • a book (notebook)
  • snack and lunch ๐Ÿ™‚
a bag from PT.JB . thank you :)

a bag from PT.JB . thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

At last, thank you for reading my blog post, umm anyway this is my first blog post written in english. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  2. cute diagram! where’s the bpel :P?


    1. bpel? ah aku sekarang mainnya bpmn2.0 dong ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. […] *because I think this blog post will be long, so I decided to split into two part. Here is the next part […]


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