Display Japanese Character (UTF-8) on Netbeans

At the moment, I have a project modifying Ec-Cube eCommerce, Ec Cube is PHP eCommerce using Smarty as template engine. And mostly on the UI using japanese text, as information for you I develop all of them using Netbeans as an IDE.

But I have a problem, my Netbeans 7.3 can not display japanese (unicode) character, I know it have to set into UTF-8, but where I have to set?

project japanese

#1 Solution

after I browse on Internet I found the solution on someone blog , simple enough just place


inside the quote of netbeans_default_options on /etc/netbeans.conf but it doesn’t work for me,

#2 Solution

so I try to find another solution from netbeans forum  it is said that I have to set my project properties using UTF-8. But it doesn’t work for me

project properties

#3 Solution

I suddenly laugh when I read this thread Square symbols instead of unicode characters, I realize my mistake, then I check font setting of my Netbeans it is used Consolas, then I change into Monospaced.

change font

And voila! I can see japanese character on my netbeans. :D
project japanese 2


  1. It Works … Thank You


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