Attending Busan Web Design & Development Community Meetup (1)

Since live in Busan I never join web development community, then someday on May 2015 I curious about is there any web development community especially for foreigner? Then I found this meetup group event, yey! I read the group brief description and look at the members who has joined before.

This is a group for anyone living in Busan who want to learn or improve on their web design and development skills. All skills are welcomed. Both Koreans and Expats are encouraged to join the meet up. Our main focus will be learning wordpress (at first) but we can have different workshops depending on people’s interests.

The meetup event will be held at June 29 2015, located at Sea Space cafe, is on the 9th floor of the corner building right when you come up from Kyungsung University Station exit 2. At first I was happy because I will make new friends and new network with peoples which have similar passion. But then I realize something, my english speaking ability is an average, not good but also not bad at all. Moreover I’m kind of introvert person hard to starting conversation with other.  But I have to tackle this issue. As a human I live in community then it should not a big problem for me.


I came alone to the meetup because my roomate was busy at that time and cannot join with me. Sea Space cafe is not as typical cafe in Busan, because it has conference/study room for up to 10 people. Conference room including large LCD screen, long table, and free drinks (tea, water, fruit infused water). Moreover you can see pretty view from 9th floor.

* picture taken from mrchoi blog & sea captain blog

Meetup event started at 2:30 PM, there are 7 people joined at that time. Rick G (organizer), me, Alice, Jo, Jennfier, Zack and his wife. At first Rick said welcome greeting to all of us, then we introduce each of ourself. We came from different background :

  • Rick is native english student, programming as a hobby
  • Me (Putra) is master degree student, programming as a way to earn money 😛
  • Alice is a freelance graphic design. She is Korean.
  • Jo is undergraduate economy and management student in San Fransisco, he have a vacation then come back to Korea for a while. He is Korean.
  • Jennifer is an employee in animation studio. She is Korean.
  • Zack is a english teacher live in another city near by Busan. Programming is his hobby. He is American.
  • Zack’s wife is kindergarten teacher. She is Japanese.


Rick pull out some equipment from his bag such as A4 papers, 4 box color pencils set, and spread out to all participants. Then Zack give each participant paper contains 10 circle figure each, he instruct to… (to be continued in the next post)

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